ROI WMS Delage Rx: real cases

To learn more about how we achieved satisfactory results, check out some impressive figures from Drogaria Onofre.

Drogaria Onofre - CD Liberdade

60 %

increase in order separation rate

35 %

more orders separated

60 %

in productivity gain

40 %

reduction in headcount

With the numbers reached, the payback forecast that was 2 years fell to 10 months.


Main solutions used:




To learn all the WMS Rx functions that provided the gains for Drogaria Onofre´s DC, click the button below and read the full case study.

Drogaria Onofre - DC Mooca

136 %

productivity gain in physical space

100 %

more productivity per person

90 %

of orders prepared within 10 minutes

4 x

more agility in order separation time

One of the biggest gains achieved by DC Mooca was the impressive reduction of the delivery time of orders from 4 hours to 90 minutes in the city of São Paulo and with D+1 for the countryside. With this record time, Drogaria Onofre became one of the great references in super express deliveries for e-commerce and telesales.


Main solutions used:




Click the button below to access the full case study of the most modern fulfillment center in Latin America:

ROI – Return On Investment

Faced with a scenario with a multitude of technologies available to leverage the business, a determining factor for the entrepreneur when making the decision is to assess the return on investment applied (ROI). For Delage, this is not just a detail – ROI is part of the gains we generate for our customers. The system was designed to create tasks when they are necessary, allocate the most appropriate people and equipment to perform them and provide the best use of the areas, that is, the WMS Rx guides the processes within the warehouse aiming not only at performance, but also at the lowest cost in each process.


Added to this is the idea that WMS Rx brings both tangible and intangible benefits, after all, with the software, there is a complete change in the way the warehouse works. An example is Visual Management, through which monitors with real-time operation indicators are made available on the DC. As a result, employees begin to monitor their performance, which ends up being a motivating factor for good results. Another advantage is that they have the possibility of identifying deviations in advance, avoiding their occurrence.


On tangible gains, in addition to those already mentioned, we can add:




In the more than 200 projects carried out, we made a point of listening to customers’ expectations regarding WMS Rx prior to deployment, and not just that: we monitored the evolution of each operation to check if the goals were met. Today, we have added several cases that demonstrate high ROI, often surpassing what was planned. And this is how we continue our mission: putting the objectives of our customers at the center of our business.



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