Inventory management and stock accuracy


Have you ever thought about the importance of inventory to your company?

Inventory is capital. Much of the equity that a company owns is in its stored items. That’s why inventory needs to be prioritized in management to ensure the financial health of the business. Having accurate data in the palm of your hands at any time makes your administration effective. Furthermore, it is worth noting that trust in inventory is crucial to avoid unnecessary purchases and to ensure that your customer is served quickly and accurately.


Inventory control is synonymous with financial balance and satisfied customers

If your company has several inventory units, located at different points and with several people involved, your challenge is even greater. Centralizing all data and analyzing it efficiently and quickly are key tasks to avoid disruptions, especially when there are multiple product and sales profiles by region.




What has your company been doing?

The actions that companies have been performing to combat losses have been repeated in recent years, and what is observed is a great effort and money dispensed as a result of the problem. It is common for companies to make high investments in security circuits and plans to prevent theft, but without much innovation, leaving aside the focus on the cause. This means that, even if we try to minimize the damage, the solutions sought do not allow us to avoid them, that is, losses continue to occur.


How technology can be your ally

In the case of inventory problems, a single solution is the most recommended one by the major Supply Chain experts: the more frequent the inspections, the greater the chance of identifying the failure at the beginning. And that’s where technology comes in. Today you can rely on a system that helps you in the continuous monitoring of your inventory. There are specific pieces of software that generates periodic counting orders, selects the products with the highest probability of divergence, notifies failures and helps in the interpretation of the data obtained, allowing assertive decision-making and the rapid correction of deviations.


Technology is the secret to tackling the cause of the problem

This is the role of Accuinventory, a tool developed by Delage precisely to assist you with the perfect Inventory Management, allowing full control of inventory, movements, and any ruptures. Accuinventory works so that your company achieves accuracy rates close to 100%.



How will Accuinventory bring the security your business needs?

With the features offered by Accuinventory, your company stops doing a single count per year, which demands a high cost, and starts to perform periodic inspections through the automatic generation of count orders. If any discrepancy is detected in one of these counts, the system triggers recount orders, or notifications so that the fault can be corrected quickly, avoiding losses and ruptures of orders.


Accuinventory directly impacts raising your company’s service level, as current inventory ensures optimal service to your customers’ needs.


How your management is transformed by Accuinventory:

The tool developed by Delage facilitates its work in the following aspects:


Flexible Inventory Plan

How? Accuinventory brings an advantage that is essential for efficient Inventory Management: the possibility of performing different controls and counts for each type of product, depending on its curve, added value, dimension or other characteristics. And everything is defined by the manager, according to the specifics of his business and the goods stored. The system allows the creation of several Inventory Plans according to the product group or group of the business unit (DC/store) and from there, tasks and count orders are automatically generated.


Higher frequency of counts

How? Contrary to what is traditionally done in logistics management, with Accuinventory the inventory ceases to be an action performed a few times a year or in situations where a divergence is detected – in this case, no longer time to correct. The system’s proposal is cyclical inventories, ideal for both warehouse and store movement monitoring, which always generate divergences, and routine quality inspections. As the counts are performed periodically, it is possible to identify faults and make the necessary adjustments to correct the stock and increase the accuracy. In addition, inventory information is updated at all times, being valuable data for the manager to make important decisions.


accuinventory-3How do counts happen?

Once the Inventory Plan is defined, counting is simple, as the system itself generates the tasks for employees to perform and analyzes the result. The end user no longer needs to define what should be counted or when – Accuinventory takes care of this. Another benefit is mobility, because the counting orders arrive for the user, eliminating spreadsheets and typing, that is, the system directs the process. For the manager, Accuinventory brings the great advantage of bringing the results of the counts to them, cross-referencing data, and automatically generating insights and notifications that allow them to make decisions in a timely manner.


Simple integration with external audits

If your company hires third parties to perform the counts (such as RGIS and Stock), you can easily integrate Accuinventory into the system they use. Accuinventory has native integration with various other software, ensuring the perfect exchange of information.


Features of Accuinventory:


Management Cycle Management Inventory Counting Application Calculation
Multiple companies Product General Access profile Radio frequency Discrepancies
Operation (stores, DCs) Curve Turnover by product Sector and team monitoring Cell Phone Cycle result
KPIs Product attribute (tags) Priority Counting sectorization Tablet Accuracy and assertiveness
Accuracy and assertiveness rates By store or DC By sector Counting performance Online / Offline
Team performance Accuracy rate in the recount
  Team management
  Call active
  Financial recount

Direct gains generated by Accuinventory:


  • Increased accuracy
  • Operational routine optimization
  • Increased performance
  • Fast and assertive identification of products that have a higher index of divergence, ruptures, and losses
  • Increased safety
  • Increased productivity with better counting time management
  • Improved level of customer service


Visual Management: Real-time information

An additional benefit offered by Accuinventory is Visual Management, through which the manager can track all information related to the Inventory Plan, and can generate counting orders, track how the work is being performed, how many products that have been accounted for and the accuracy that is being achieved. Check out some of the screens provided by the system:



Coming soon…

The system is already being prepared to function as a complete audit, auditing any type of information in the warehouse. Our goal is for the tool to assist managers in extremely efficient management, maximizing gains and allowing all targets to be achieved.


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