Figures* your company can achieve with WMS Rx

99.9 %

warehouse accuracy

33 %

in increased productivity in Picking

67 %

in DC performance gains

40 %

reduction in headcount

90 %

reduction in efforts to inventory the DC

35 %

more orders separated


decrease in production time

90 %

of orders prepared within 10 minutes

*Rates achieved by our customers

What is exclusive to WMS Rx?

Since 2010, given the results obtained by our customers and the high quality standard of the system, WMS Rx is the only WMS in the Southern Hemisphere to be part of the database of the renowned Fraunhofer Society, responsible for attesting and validating WMS systems worldwide. In addition, our software is in the top 3 of the best logistics management software in the country. For three consecutive years, we were nominated by Inbrasc (Instituto Brasileiro de Supply Chain) for the award for Best WMS in Brazil and won in two editions.


And speaking of results, in addition to the most visible gains in the warehouse, such as organization and processes, resource optimization, higher productivity and shorter order preparation time, ROI is a determining factor for those who choose WMS Rx. In several projects implemented, our clients had a return on investment well ahead of schedule, such as Drogaria Onofre (see the case study).


Like our customers, we seek fast delivery times and excellence in the quality of our services. That’s why we also implement D-Zero in our internal structure, in which all demand is met on the same day it is requested. We understand that the unforeseen events in the logistics management system cannot affect our customer’s business, which is why we strive to respond to it as soon as possible.


It is worth noting that Delage is a pioneer and the only company in the industry to offer D-Zero support. This is only possible because we rely on a high-quality system, with update packages every quarter, agile development methodologies and also evolution to a 100% online SAAS platform.

Three nominations for the Inbrasc Award (“Best WMS in the Country”), with two consecutive wins

International certification - validated by the Fraunhofer Society

Rapid return on investment (ROI)

Pioneer and the only company to offer D-Zero support

Leaders that use WMS Rx