WMS Delage Rx

Why will WMS Delage Rx leverage your business?


Technological innovations have come to make our lives easier, and business is no different. If before we spent a lot of time performing a manual activity, today we are able to accelerate any action with the help of solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, not to mention mobility, which allows instant access to information, regardless of where we are. In the case of companies, software was created exactly to simplify processes and improve management, generating more productivity, increasing security, and reducing errors and costs. This is exactly what WMS Rx does for your warehouse.


But what is a WMS anyway?

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a warehouse management system created to facilitate inventory management of industries, logistics operators, wholesales, retail and e-commerce. With the help of software, intralogistics processes are automated, allowing a better use of DC resources (people, equipment and area).


In the case of WMS Delage Rx, the system not only coordinates tasks (Slotting) but allows you access to all real time operation information (Visual Management), offering a series of dashboards and notifications, which give you the chance to identify failures in time to avoid them, as well as make the right decisions for your business growth.


How will your management improve with WMS Delage Rx?

WMS Delage Rx was designed by Delage in the early 1990s and has been following all the innovations that logistics 4.0 brought, being able to serve any segment, of any size. Through the system, your company will have gains such as:

How? By maintaining the accuracy of the inventory (product, batch, quantity and location), decreasing the ruptures of orders, avoiding rework and, consequently, reducing the separation time.

How? Through automatic indication, by the system, of the best position for the product and maintenance routines that will ensure inventory defragmentation.

How? Reducing movements and directing tasks through tools such as Kanban, Active Call and address suggestion. The first is responsible for generating the activities at the right time; the second directs the most appropriate people and equipment to perform the task; and the third indicates the best position for the product, taking the existing inventory and the demand for orders into account, without forgetting, of course, the best path.

How? Through the grouping and prioritization of orders and inventory rotation through picking (Kanban), accelerating separation and making goods available as soon as possible for sale, without loss of quality and with reduced effort.

How? By enabling the monitoring of verification processes at entry and exit, with the use of equipment that allow mobility and control, WMS Delage Rx ensures tracking of all warehouse movements. In addition, the system records batches and validations, serial numbers and IMEI, facilitating the identification of products and their respective addresses in the warehouse or in the sales destination.

How? Through Visual Management, which offers a series of dashboards and notifications that allow real time monitoring of the warehouse operation. This information is accessed both on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and on TVs located at strategic points in the DC. WMS Delage Rx also offers a series of reports and KPIs that assist in monitoring the work of the team, the time spent in each process, the optimal use of equipment, among other information. As a result, it is possible to identify inefficiencies in the operation and promote improvements.

How? By integrating WMS Delage Rx with the ERP you use, improving and unifying your company’s information flow, as well as automated systems, which ensure greater efficiency in your warehouse processes.

How? Through specific inventories, ideal for both quality control (sample inspections) and warehouse accuracy maintenance (cyclical inventories by curves or ruptures). We must not forget the segregated control and also the reverse logistics, both contemplated by WMS Delage Rx. The system controls all products unfit for consumption, as well as returns, indicating whether they should be directed to the segregated area or returned to the inventory.

What you need to know about WMS Rx?

WMS Rx was designed with a focus on four pillars: intralogistics control, operational efficiency, satisfied customer and return on investment. Therefore, it has features that guarantee these gains in all processes of a warehouse, from receiving to shipment. Check out the main functions of the system below and, to learn more, download our feature guide:

When to deploy WMS Rx?

There are two situations your company may be experiencing that require WMS Delage Rx support:


1) Your company does not have a WMS, and the business is growing


If your sales volume is growing continuously and, in addition, you want to remain competitive in this scenario of changes caused by technological innovation, it is time to think about counting on WMS Rx, after all, it is difficult to rely only on people to control all inventory and you can no longer control your company through spreadsheets.


2) Your company has WMS but results are not achieved


If your company has the necessary infrastructure to make your warehouse efficient, that is, it has area, equipment and people, but still its results are not achieved, it is time to meet Delage. We have a robust and complete WMS, which has several features and the best part: it is configurable to meet the demands of your business.


In short: if your perspective is to improve processes and increase sales, reducing the costs of your operation, you need support software.

And about the future...

Count on WMS Delage Rx to meet omnichannel demands


With the emergence of the multichannel consumption pattern (omnichannel), your company needs to be ready to meet the needs of customers transiting between the various sales channels, have the most distinct product delivery preferences, and want to receive it faster and faster.


Due to the multiplicity of channels and order sources, omnichannel has made logistics management more complex, as it is necessary to simultaneously support different business models, such as branch replenishment, B2B, B2C and even direct sales through consultants.


With WMS Rx, concurrency of processes in your warehouse is not a problem. Your DC will be able to process demands from several channels with high performance, regardless of the profile or average value of orders. We have the ideal configuration for each segment and/or process, ensuring the quality of customer service.

Integration with a management system is simple


When contracting a WMS, a major concern is how it integrates into the company’s ERP. With Delage, this is not a difficulty, as we create a standard communication layer that is used with the main market ERPs (SAP, ORACLE, TOTVS and others).

Prioritize a WMS that connects to automatic systems


Automation is already a reality in the logistics sector. Faced with a context of drastic changes in marketing modes, added to the shortage of skilled labor, it is imperative for companies to seek ways to maintain high productivity, depending less on human resources. In addition, efficiency and cost reduction are expected. The solution is to rely on automatic systems, which are already part of DCs aligned with logistics 4.0, especially in the warehouses of major e-commerce leaders, such as Amazon, Netshoes, among others. Without the aid of robots, it is practically impossible to meet the large volume of orders, ensuring speed and assertiveness in deliveries.


If your company is already at this level, it is important to rely on a WMS that connects easily to the main technologies available for distribution centers and fulfillment. On the other hand, if your warehouse does not yet have automatic systems, but it is already part of your plans to purchase them, remember to consider their integration with management software.


WMS Rx has native integration with leading and most advanced automatic systems. Using all the technological arsenal available, our interfaces allow a fast and secure flow of information, drastically reducing the effort and risks involved in highly complex projects.In addition, WMS Rx allows connection using web services and XML, enabling conversion and coexistence of the most diverse standards.


Check out some technologies that are integrated with WMS Rx:



Company Technology
Datamax Printers
Honeywell / Handheld RF
Intermec RF
KNAPP Pick To Light, conveyors, A-frames and OSR
Motorola / Symbol RF
Opticon RF
SSI Schaefer Sorter, conveyors
TGW Pick To Light, conveyors
Toledo Scales
Vocollet Voice systems
Zebra Printers


Learn about Delage and Onofre´s automation project:



Download the case study

By deploying and operating WMS Delage Rx, our customers are confident that they will be able to grow their operation and improve it continuously, without losing the investment made.