Space gain


The lack of space in inventory or its misuse means increased costs for the company and what is worse: it can directly impact the quality of the service provided to its customer. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in strategies that ensure the intelligent use of each m² of your warehouse.


However, space alone is not enough. If your operation does not have well-defined processes, clear storage rules and adequate tools to guide people during work, the warehouse will soon become full and inefficient again. Hence the importance of having a system that takes care of all these challenges for you.


The WMS Rx has solutions that define the best positioning of the inventory, organizing the products and lots in addresses that are located quickly and easily, mainly, in positions that favor picking. In addition, the processes are configured in the system, and from there, inventory movements are directed through the creation of tasks and calling upon the employee that will do it.


The main factors that influence space gain are:


Warehouse layout

Addressing strategy (focused on picking)

Automatic address suggestion

Inventory defragmentation routines


The organization of storage spaces aims to, in addition to having the best layout, reduce travel and movement in the warehouse, that is, the rules of addressing the system are based on the best use of your resources (people, equipment and area).


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