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The Customer Centric concept is Delage’s reason for being. For us, your company is unique. And there is only one way to impress you: offering excellent service and ensuring that our solutions provide improvement for your customers´ experience. This means that your company will have exclusive support from our team of specialists and WMS Rx will help you improve your performance in the consumer market.



Fast and assertive delivery = satisfied customer


In order for an order that was placed today to reach your customer as soon as possible, your company needs to rely on maximum warehouse performance – high inventory accuracy, process accuracy, and order fulfillment speed. With WMS Rx, you make the best use of your resources, reducing movement time and, most importantly, avoiding separation and shipping errors.


Solutions such as Slotting (address suggestion, Kanban and Active Call), various picking modalities that allowto choose the ideal format for your business, and the availability of real time information, allowing the previous detection of faults and their correction (Visual Management), ensure that all orders that arrive at the warehouse are processed quickly and delivered with assertiveness. Companies that invest in these two points, allocating the correct product to the customer and meeting the demand as soon as possible, tend to have a loyal consumer market, standing out in relation to the competition. With agility and assertiveness in deliveries, your customer will have a unique experience.



D-Zero: unique support in our industry


Like your company, Delage is concerned with meeting the demands with D-Zero, so we have a team of highly specialized professionals who receive your support request today and meet on the same day. We are pioneers in our industry to offer this type of support. We know that a logistics operation cannot stop, so we strive to quickly resolve all your demands.



cliente-wms-rx-3Planning and Project Management make a difference


Delage will be with your company before, during and after the implementation of the system. Our company has more than 150 successful WMS Rx projects, a mature methodology and qualified professionals in the area of ​ ​projects, all to manage the execution time and the amount invested well. We understand that deploying management software affects the warehouse as a whole, hence our effort to cover all areas that involve the project, ensuring that your operation does not stop during the implementation of the system and that your team adapts quickly to new technologies and the new work routine.


Our team works to make sure you are always satisfied, ensuring not only the best support but also quick return on your investment.


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