Operational control


All logistics management depends on good process control, since each step directly interferes with the other, requiring, therefore, that they are well aligned. But how can you organize such a complex process with several people involved? Counting on a system that is capable of automatically coordinating operations, relieving employees of the responsibility of deciding which task should be executed or prioritized. Let the WMS Rx decide based on methodologies aimed at maximum productivity. With help from system, all sectors work in an organized manner and have accessible and interconnected information.


Automating processes ensures efficiency and traceability


By having software that coordinates tasks in the warehouse, you have a history of the movement of each product, increasing security and traceability of the inventory. If any problem happens or is close to happening, the system provides you with all the data to identify where the failure occurred or will occur, as well as those involved. With WMS Rx, your logistics management is more efficient and assertive.


Visual Management: anticipating problems and better investment direction


Information and indicators are essential for excellent management. Leading Supply Chain companies have all their numbers and operation data in real time, permeated in all areas of the warehouse. And with WMS Rx, that can be a reality for your company. The system offers Visual Management, through which the manager readily has information on the operation, that is, it is possible to closely monitor each process at the exact moment it is being executed.



But the data is not exclusive to just the manager. With Visual Management, the entire team has access to the dashboards, presented on monitors located in strategic positions in the warehouse, which allows failures to be predicted and corrected even before they happen. Another advantage is that, when monitoring all processes, the manager can identify bottlenecks and direct investments to the sector that needs improvement.




For your management to be complete, it is also important to assess the performance indicators of your operation. With WMS Rx, you can analyze all the results of your warehouse, with parameterizable KPIs, aligned with your company’s strategies. What does your management gain from this? With complete performance reports, it is much easier to measure the productivity of each employee or sector, monitor order fulfillment deadlines, analyze transportation costs, measure the profitability of your business, in short… The key metrics become your allies to assess whether your results are in line with your goals, which really helps in decision-making.


Download the WMS Delage Rx´s RFP and discover all the KPIs offered by the system:

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Some questions that your Performance Indicators (KPIs) and your Visual Management must answer:


1.  What is your Perfect Order rate?

2. Is your On Time In Full (OTIF) metric within acceptable standards?

3. What is your Order Fill Rate?

4. What is the Inventory Accuracy of your operation?

5. Can you quantify sales lost due to Stock outs?


Some of the benefits obtained from the intensive use of KPIs and Visual Management:


1. Head count reduction.

2. Increased service level.

3. Increased productivity.

4. Improvement in the quality of the operation.

5. Optimization of space occupation.

6. Better dimensioning of the operation.


controle-operacional-wms-rx-5Mobility: indicators right in your hands


With a smartphone or tablet in your hands, the WMS Rx delivers you dashboards, analyses and alerts in real time, allowing you to have your operation in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. Literally.

Imagine your area leaders and warehouse managers accompanying the entire operation on tablets. With this convenience, they can quickly move to the location and/or person with the problem and quickly correct the situation. Likewise, preventative alerts can be sent to supervisors to anticipate problems or take immediate action to correct a failure.


Check out other gains:  space gainlogistical efficiency, inventory accuracyincreased productivitysatisfied customer.