Inventory accuracy


Achieving a high level of inventory accuracy is not a simple task, especially in warehouses where most processes are manual or where tasks are not standardized. In these situations, inventory deviations are inevitable, after all, manual operations are susceptible to failures, and the lack of systematization of activities increases the chances of losses and shortages.


With the help of intralogistics management software, these problems are avoided, as the system automates and standardizes all processes. However, it is important to remember that inventory accuracy does not just depend on this automation. It is necessary to have cyclical inventories that allow everything that enters and leaves the warehouse to be counted frequently. Many companies carry out only one inventory per year, which can be a great risk, since small divergences that happen in the DC´s routine end up accumulating and are not notified and corrected in time, generating large losses that can lead to lost sales and customers.


With WMS Rx, you automate processes and count on periodic inventories


The WMS Rx was designed with these two important points in mind: process automation and inventory control. The objective is to ensure that all tasks are executed well and that it is possible to audit the warehouse periodically, identifying any differences in advance and making the necessary corrections. With these two solutions, accuracy reaches rates above 99%.


Factors that ensure accuracy


Ensuring that the physical inventory is equal to the inventory recorded in the system depends on a number of factors, such as:


Correctly carrying out processes

Frequent and urgent audits (in case of disruptions)

Strict goods check upon entrance and exit

Quality inspection




All of these processes are included in the WMS Rx, which offers tools for you to maintain total control and security in your warehouse.


System-coordinated processes



Every process is conceived as continuous work, consisting of sequential steps taken by a company to achieve a certain objective. For a warehouse, we have several interconnected processes that aim to make goods available in the right quantity, at the right place and at the right time. This interrelation must function as a production line, in which Just in Time is extremely necessary for the objective to be achieved.


Through the WMS Rx, all tasks will be generated by the system itself (Kanban), defining the people who will execute them (Active Call) and allowing their activities to be tracked, using appropriate tools for each process. Upon entrance, the team uses collectors to physically check what is in the invoice. When moving to the warehouse, operators also read the barcodes of the products and their respective addresses. In order to fulfill an order, the goods are divided again in picking and shipping. This ensures strict control of the items that are part of your inventory and also who is handling each product.


Cyclical inventories ensure sales



With WMS Rx, your company can achieve accuracy rates of over 99%. This is because the system has a set of inventory models ideal for routine quality inspections and for monitoring movements in the warehouse. That way, you can control everything that enters and exits the DC, ensuring greater security and correct recording, detailed and updated data. In addition, with periodic inventories, it is possible to identify failures in time to be corrected, to forecast expenses and changes necessary to improve your logistical performance.


Revolving? General? Priority? You choose the methodology that best suits your operation. What products? When to take inventory?




The system should automatically generate inventory orders, avoiding your team’s operating errors as much as possible, allowing you to maintain your inventory at the desired accuracy, regardless of the degree of complexity and the size of your business. As it is separate from the management system you use, it allows you to audit more reliably, avoiding operating failures and errors, as well as data manipulation.


Count on Delage to control your inventory


The WMS Rx offers you much more than just simple counting.


Delage, in its trajectory, has countless success stories in supporting its clients in this great challenge. By using the WMS Rx, our clients have been able to implement efficient inventory policies and dramatically reduce their disruption and operating error rates.




Some of the main features of WMS Rx for Inventories are:


1. Automatic generation of inventory orders

2. Clusters of Branches and Products

3. Multiple inventory plans

4. Multiple inventory modalities (Geographic, Product, Sampling …)

5. Multiple checking clerks with repeated count restriction

6. Tracking by checking clerks, product, count order and address

7. Counting by radio frequency and cellular devices

8. Analytical BI of all movements that occurred during the inventory

9. Accompanying KPI counts in real time

10. Counting rules in accordance with the main auditing companies


With the WMS Rx, accuracy is no longer an unattainable goal and becomes your biggest advantage.


Checking is the key to accuracy



Checking processes are essential for inventory accuracy. By checking when receiving and before shipment, failures or separating errors are identified, and the inventory remains updated, without divergences.


The WMS Rx establishes the check upon entrance and exit, by reading the industry bar codes, allowing the data to be registered and checked, such as SKU, lot, expiration date or IMEI. In addition, the check is usually done through blind receiving, that is, the employee reads the barcode of the load or the products without knowing the information contained in the Inventory or in the system. This allows data to be crossed checked, making it easier to identify any divergence.


Quality control prevents losses



One of the specificities of intralogistics management is to deal with losses and damage within the warehouse, developing strategies for quality control and segregation that prevent them from being available for sale. When a failure remains in the inventory available for picking, there are several risks: delays in the process, rework and even incorrect delivery to the customer, when adequate inspection is not carried out. That is why it is important to have the help of a system that is capable of registering segregated items, preventing them from being marketed and allowing the company to handle them correctly.


In WMS Rx, you will have a reliable view of your inventory, assessing what is sellable and what is not sellable, handling the damage in the most appropriate way.


Download Dental Cremer’s success story and see how the company achieved 99% accuracy with the WMS Delage Rx:



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