Increased productivity


You work in a warehouse that has satisfactory area and infrastructure and an ideal number of human resources to meet the demands. However, your productivity is still low, orders are not being delivered on time and there are process errors that need to be avoided. What´s missing? Count on the support of technology that manages your operation through tools aimed exactly at productivity gains. That is the role of the WMS Rx.


Productivity depends on excellence in all intralogistics processes


It is important to remember that productivity is not limited to perfect picking. It is clear that the separation step plays a big part, since it can cost up to 60% of the total expenses of a warehouse. But it is also essential to take care of other processes, such as receiving, storage and shipping, ensuring that each step is executed with the best use of resources and that one does not interfere in good performance of another. With the WMS Rx, all sectors work in harmony, once they reach their maximum efficiency. The result is productivity gains.


Improve the performance of your warehouse with the right picking


The WMS Rx has a variety of picking models (separation), allowing you to choose the ideal format for the high performance of your business.


Our system supports the main picking modalities in use in the market and features created and implemented by Delage after years of experience in projects with the main Brazilian companies. All this to offer maximum efficiency in this process, which is one of the most important in an intralogistics operation.


Learn about some of the models offered by WMS Rx:


Bulk picking

Fractionated cargo

Batch picking

Wave picking

Pick and confirm

Zone picking

Two-step picking

Order picking

Goods to Person Picking

• Crossdocking


Implementation can happen in many different ways:


Manual picking

RF picking

• Voice picking

• Pick-to-light

Automatic systems


Download the WMS Delage Rx´s RFP and access the complete list of features offered by the system:


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How can you define the ideal model for your business? You must consider factors such as demand, cost and quality of labor, available space and other factors. But don’t worry about that equation: Delage’s team of specialists helps you choose the right format.


Another point that also deserves special attention is balancing the picking lines, which includes determining the location of products at the picking stations and the policy for replenishing these addresses. With the WMS Rx, balancing will be carried out periodically and you will be able to accompany all the processes with  Visual Management, using KPIs that allow real time production corrections and decision making to increase productivity.



Define the best operating model




In order to increase productivity, it is important not only to choose the best picking models, but also check upon entrance, storage and shipping. With WMS Rx, you can improve processes such as:


Checking: through blind receiving (employee checks products without checking the invoice) and barcode reading by collectors, the loads are quickly checked upon entrance, which ends up accelerating release for storage.


Storage: upon receiving, the system automatically determines the best address for the cargo or product. In addition, with Active Call, as soon as the check is over, the employees responsible for moving the goods are called upon, and their tasks are directed.


Shipping: the shipping process has support from the system both in relation to checking the items before they are shipped and in organizing the cargo according to the carrier or delivery route.


Replenishment: with WMS Rx, replenishment for all sectors is automatically directed with the help of Kanban (warehouse rotation by picking).


With WMS Rx present during all the steps of your operation, productivity gain is certain. The system has several solutions that ensure greater agility in the processes, such as crossdockingin which the goods received at the warehouse are not stored, but are already prepared for delivery, accelerating shipment.


See how the WMS Delage Rx is present during all the steps of the logistics operation by downloading the Features Guide:





WMS Rx keeps your company up to speed on innovations



WMS Rx is ready to adapt to any transformation that happens with your business, adopting new methodologies according to your needs. If your company is going to add new products to the inventory or start offering the e-commerce service, the system makes the necessary adjustments to keep the operation in high performance.


For companies with numerous and different warehouses, the WMS Rx allows different methods of picking and tools to be adopted at each of them.


This is how we work: providing dynamism and security to your management, even if you deal with complex logistics


Logistics 4.0: integration with automatic systems


If you have been looking for new automation technologies to maximize your company’s earnings, count on WMS Rx. Our software was developed based on three pillars: adherence, flexibility and innovation. Therefore, it integrates the most modern automatic systems that ensure gains in efficiency and agility and cost reduction.produtividade-wms-rx-6


Among the main world-leading suppliers that have success stories in Brazil that are integrated with the WMS Rx, we highlight: Knapp, SSI Schaefer, TGW. In addition, WMS RX allows connection using web services and XML, allowing conversion and coexistence of the most diverse standards. Check out some technologies that are easily integrated into our system:


Company Technology
Datamax Printers
Honeywell / Handheld RF
Intermec RF
KNAPP Pick To Light, conveyors, A-frames and OSR
Motorola / Symbol RF
Opticon RF
SSI Schaefer Sorter, conveyors
TGW Pick To Light, conveyors
Toledo Scales
Vocollet Voice systems
Zebra Printers


With the perfect integration of the WMS Rx into the various automatic systems, your warehouse can become state of the art. 


Learn about Drogaria Onofre´s automation case:




Check out other gains: operating control, space gainlogistical efficiencyinventory accuracy, satisfied customer.