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What WMS Rx does for your logistics operation

How can you offer transparency and security to companies that outsource logistics, which entrust you with the major responsibility of serving their customers? By investing in the right technology. With WMS Rx, you can serve multiple companies in your warehouse, ensuring that the contractual clauses are met. The system also helps you reduce costs through resource optimization (people, equipment and area), efficient verification control at entry and exit, effective separation and agile boarding, and offers real-time information, including cyclical inventories and reports that can be accessed online by your customers.

wms-rx-operador-logistico-multi-operacoesBe able to serve any segment.


Is it difficult to store products from different segments within the same warehouse? With WMS Rx, this deadlock does not exist. The system manages simultaneous operations in your DC, organizing the inventory of each customer and defining the most efficient forms of storage and separation. The fact that the companies served may have specific rules for allocation and logistics operation is also not a problem. WMS Rx systematizes the information of each customer, allowing all clauses defined in the contract to be strictly met.

wms-rx-operador-logistico-lucratividadeOptimize your resources to ensure your profitability.


Managing multiple inventories can mean high logistical cost. Therefore, it is important to rely on technology programmed for the best use its resources (people, equipment, and area). With the call system active, WMS Rx can direct tasks to be performed with the right priority and inputs. It is also possible to monitor the indirect costs of the operations of each contracting company to compose its profitability analysis.

wms-rx-operador-logistico-qualidadeQuality control is essential in order to stand out.


A logistics operator needs to ensure that their warehouse maintains the integrity of each product stored. As such, strict control both at entry and exit is essential, which is possible with the aid of WMS Rx. In addition to performing the blind receiving when the item reaches the DC, the system ensures that this quality control remains in both the separation and shipment phases. And don’t be concerned about batch monitoring, validity date and date of entry of the products, with WMS Rx you define the prioritization of the output, following FIFO or FEFO parameters.

wms-rx-operador-logistico-espacoValue your space.


Each square meter of your warehouse is worth a lot, so it needs to be used well to ensure your earnings. WMS Rx has multiple storage modalities that meet all types of products, in addition to the functionality that allows the transfer of addresses in an organized and intelligent manner. Through solutions such as Kanban (a process that rotates inventory by picking), defragmentation, and cross-docking, you can optimize your space while maintaining an excellent level of customer service.

wms-rx-operador-logistico-velocidadeEffective separation and agile shipping.


The logistics operator deals with a complex scenario: it needs to conduct simultaneous operations, and each has its own specific rule. In this context, any discrepancy can mean major financial losses. WMS Rx was created exactly to coordinate operations and identify failures even before they occur. The system moves the separation by wave, according to the nature of the orders/products, organizing the orders according to the carrier or delivery route. Each order follows a flow based on the best use of time and the best organization of the cargo, allowing shipment to be fast, assertive, and economical. WMS Rx also allows the grouping of orders, assembly of kits and labeling according to the needs of each company served.

wms-rx-operador-logistico-acuracidadeHow to take various inventories?


Inventory Accuracy is the index that tells you how much your physical inventory is equal to your inventory in the system. This information is essential for each company you serve. Your customer needs to have control of how many items are stored, as well as their inflow and outflow and reverse logistics. With WMS Rx, you simultaneously manage multi-customer inventory, relying on a set of inventory models ideal for both routine quality inspections and warehouse movement monitoring.

wms-rx-operador-logistico-informacaoTransparency with shared information management.


You and your customer need to have the operation information literally in hand, such as KPIs and reports showing how things are going, and what needs to be improved. However, it is essential that the system also helps to avoid deviations that can be easily identified, such as possible delays and breaches in orders if there is no replenishment, among others. With WMS Rx, you will have a diversity of KPIs and reports that can be shared with customers via the web. What’s more, the system allows you to track all operations in your warehouse, converting them into information for rendering of accounts.

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