What WMS Rx does for your e-commerce

How can you survive in a highly competitive market? This is one of the biggest challenges for e-commerce companies, which deal with large and varied competitors and an increasingly demanding consumer. To stand out, it is necessary to invest in logistics efficiency, reducing the costs of processing orders, usually numerous and with few items each. In addition, any discrepancy in the fulfillment of these requests can reach the consumer. That’s why certain precautions are essential: accelerating order processing and separation, optimizing storage spaces, monitoring product data and checking its quality, providing delivery accuracy, managing reverse logistics well, and, of course, having information and KPIs to correct delays before they happen, and making necessary adjustments.

wms-rx-e-commerce-velocidadeWith WMS Rx, fulfill orders quickly and accurately.


The movement of picking from an e-commerce warehouse is intense and, without organization and intelligent processes, it is practically impossible to deliver with quality and speed. It was by understanding this specific characteristic of the sector that we developed the WMS Rx with multiple picking modes, and the most important: the rotation of the inventory is all in function of the product turnover (Kanban). The system automatically groups requests to reduce the route taken. The WMS Rx also has specific separation modalities, for example, put-to-wall (hive), where orders with few items are grouped in a single volume so that, the split can be performed at the end of the line, aimed at reducing the number of accesses.

wms-rx-e-commerce-localizacaoDynamic addressing: artificial intelligence at the service of productivity.


How can you fulfill multiple requests at the same time, reducing DC movements? The solution is simple: Placing prime items in prime areas. This means that the products with great output are located in strategic positions that shorten their route to shipment. And you don’t need to develop strategies for this: WMS Rx automatically defines these positions.



wms-rx-e-commerce-qualidadeQuality inspection to ensure customer satisfaction.


It is with this in mind that Delage has developed a system that prioritizes checking both in and out of the product, allowing quality inspection and tracking of all data, such as batch, expiry date or IMEI. The system does this monitoring through blind receiving and barcode reading by collectors. All information is available to managers in real time.



wms-rx-e-commerce-transporteIntegration with transport.


The WMS Rx is present at all stages of the e-commodity logistics operation, and this includes integration with carriers, through EDIS Systems and own- or third-party labels, such as Free Market, the Postal Service etc.


wms-rx-e-commerce-acuracidadeAre you ready to finalize a sale?


Inventory Accuracy is the index that tells you how much your physical inventory is equal to your inventory in the system. This information is essential for e-commerce sales, after all, there is no greater frustration for the customer than finalizing a purchase and receiving a subsequent message communicating that the product is missing. With WMS Rx, situations like this do not happen, as the system provides a set of inventory models ideal for both routine quality inspections and warehouse movement monitoring, ensuring that your inventory is always up to date.

wms-rx-e-commerce-informaçãoIt’s true: what can’t be measured, can’t be improved.


This is how WMS Rx was built and it’s always evolving. The manager needs to have the operation information literally in hand, such as KPIs and reports showing how things are going, and what needs to be improved. However, it is essential that the system also helps to avoid deviations that can be easily identified, such as possible delays and breaches in orders if there is no replenishment, among others. With WMS Rx, you will have a diversity of KPIs and reports, and not just that: rely on the system to warn you of risks through Notifications and Visual Management. Click here and find out more.

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