True teamwork: Grupo DPSP and Delage resume operation in Rio in record time

In 2018, Delage received a challenging invitation: to participate in the reconstruction of the Drogarias Pacheco DC in Rio de Janeiro. The company was already using WMS-Delage® Rx in its warehouse in the Pavuna neighborhood, which was affected by a fire. To quickly start the activities on the new 28,000 m² DC, located in GLP Irajá, the Pacheco and Delage teams worked intensively and achieved a surprising result: in 45 days the new warehouse began its high-performance operation, serving 100% of the stores in the State of Rio de Janeiro.


Check out the figures of the project:





To deploy WMS-Delage® Rx in the new Drogarias Pacheco DC in Irajá in the shortest possible time, as the logistics operation in Rio de Janeiro needed to resume quickly.


CD Grupo DPSP WMS Delage Rx


Project highlight

The dedication of the Delage and Pacheco teams brought an impressive result, with the new operation starting in 45 days. One point that made a difference was Delage’s major expertise in Project Management, ensuring compliance with all deadlines established in the action plan. In addition, in the new DC, unlike the Pavuna DC (where picking was performed using KNAPP® pick-to-light), picking started to be entirely managed with WMS-Delage® Rx, maintaining productivity in the separation of goods and providing speed and assertiveness in the supply of stores.