Traditional São Paulo company modernizes its logistics operation with WMS-Delage Rx

Delage has just completed another major WMS Rx deployment project. The software is already in operation in the distribution center of the traditional and almost centennial São Paulo company Niazi Chohfi, located in the Mooca neighborhood in São Paulo-SP, responsible for fulfilling e-commerce and wholesale orders.



After two months of work with the construction of interfaces, infrastructure preparation, installation and configuration of WMS Rx, team training and tests, Delage’s system was initiated in operation, automating processes, and ensuring, in addition to greater security and traceability, and real-time DC management. With the features offered by the software, the company, which works with a wide variety of products – from textile items, through bed, table and bath, decor items, lingerie and even domestic utilities – aims to increase its productivity, reduce its intralogistics costs, ensure inventory accuracy and thus be ready for growth in the coming years.


According to businessman Reginaldo Chohfi, Niazi has continuously invested in innovation to offer a high standard of customer service. The choice of WMS-Delage Rx was motivated not only by the quality of the software, which is among the Top 3 of the Best WMS in the Country (Inbrasc), but also by Delage ‘s know-how in the development of projects for e-commerce. “We visited an e-commerce operation that uses WMS Rx and realized how much software helps with high DC performance and inventory accuracy. And that’s exactly what we want for our business,” Reginaldo said. The partnership was signed at the end of last year and from then on Delage’s projects and development teams, together with Niazi’s logistics team, began to work together to make this great project viable.


Tradition and entrepreneurship

In addition to being known as one of the most traditional companies in São Paulo, with 85 years of existence, Niazi Chohfi also brings entrepreneurship in its brand. The business, which began and consolidated itself in the textile area was expanding into other sectors, such as bed, table, bath, carpets, curtains, blinds, decoration in general, lingerie, multi-brands, and even domestic utilities. Altogether, there are nine stores in the São Paulo capital, five of them in the largest open-air shopping center in Latin America, Rua 25 de Março. In addition to retail operations, Niazi also operates in wholesale and e-commerce, hence concern to innovate logistics management, in order to serve all customers with excellence.


A new warehouse

With WMS Rx, Niazi Chohfi’s DC is inaugurating a new phase. Processes are now automated and monitored in real time, which allows managers to be more assertive in decision-making. The expectation is that the operation in Mooca will achieve several gains, such as: greater traceability of products, with gatehouse control, various conference modalities, control of locations on the DC and stored products; better use of space, with the suggestion of addressing; greater agility in order separation, with Kanban and replenishment of picking lines; greater monitoring of operations, with the management in sight, which allows to calculate in real time the productivity of the team and track all stages of customer service; greater control of shipping and vehicle loading; increased accuracy, through inventory control; and also better performance evaluation, through reports and KPIs generated by the system.


Delage reiterates its satisfaction in being part of this major project with Niazi Chohfi and welcomes its newest customer!