Onofre increases productivity by 60% in Fulfillment with WMS-Delage® Rx

In 2016, Drogaria Onofre revolutionized its e-commerce structure and shot ahead of the competition, ensuring record delivery time in the city of São Paulo, with super express modalities of up to 90 minutes. The secret? A successful partnership with Delage that brought surprising results. In addition to the 60% gain in productivity, the following stand out:





To deploy WMS-Delage® Rx at Drogaria Onofre´s Fulfillment Center located in the neighborhood Liberdade (São Paulo-SP). The system should be able to cope with the specific characteristics of direct consumer service (e-commerce and telesales), with greater logistical complexity, shorter delivery time and at the lowest possible cost.


Project highlight

The great advantage of this project for Onofre was the replacement of the order picking model (individually separated orders) by the batch picking (grouping of orders). Complementing the separation strategy, receiving and preparation of delivery volumes had the Put To Wall function, which in addition to providing the order checkout, facilitates the packing and shipment process.


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