Jequiti wants to double in size and WMS-Delage® Rx is chosen for e-commerce

In 2017, Jequiti, a company that is part of Grupo Silvio Santos, brought more technology and agility to its distribution center located in Osasco-SP: it deployed WMS-Delage® Rx in its warehouse to serve both direct sale and e-commerce sale, which it had just started. With the new software, the company achieved great results in terms of increased productivity and savings, in a short space of time. Furthermore, other important gains were:





To deploy WMS-Delage® Rx with native integration into KNAPP®, Oracle® and GERA® pick-to-light. Furthermore, the system should offer the functionality of order grouping (Batch picking), with hierarchy of deliveries into priority, express and economical, in order to organize e-commerce and direct sale orders.

Project highlight

With the extension of the software for picking all orders, WMS-Delage® Rx has become one of the only two warehouse management systems in the country to have interfaces with two systems – the ERP and the direct sales order capture system, GERA®, simultaneously on the same site. Furthermore, with the entry of picking for consultant orders into operation, Delage presented an innovative solution, the Multi-channel under one roof, through which all demands, whether direct sales or e-commerce, are met on the same website and by the same tool – meeting the requirements and characteristics of each type of operation (e.g. generation of waves v. order streaming – wave-less/continuous flow). This is currently the latest in SCE technology for distribution centers and fulfillment centers!