Frisa – Frigorífico Rio Doce S.A. has just become another company powered by WMS-Delage® Rx


Tradition, quality, and entrepreneurship define Frisa, one of the largest refrigerators in Brazil responsible for serving the domestic market and more than 60 countries. With a meat storage superstructure, with modern freezing systems, the company invests in innovation to exceed the expectations of customers and their partners. Among this year’s projects is the modernization of its distribution centers, relying on WMS-Delage® Rx to accelerate processes, increase productivity, accuracy, and safety in its intralogistics operations.


The company has four refrigerator units, located in Colatina – ES (where it was founded in 1968), Nanuque – MG, Teixeira de Freitas- BA and Niterói -RJ. With a wide variety of products (about 200 SKUs, between the “in natura” and industrialized lines), it operates with a high-quality control – all meats are stored under strict refrigeration rules. In the Colatina plant alone, storage capacity is more than 7,000 tons of products.


To implement the major intralogistics management project of Frisa, Delage will have a special partner, the consultant Felipe Trigueiro, specialist in logistics and Supply Chain 4.0, with more than 20 years of operation in the market and winner of the World Logistics Award 2016. Felipe is director of FLOG Soluções em Logística and has extensive experience in Scaling and Implementation of Logistics Operations, Inventory Planning and Control (PCE), Logistics Planning and Control (PCL), Implementation of WMS, and Scaling of Logistics Networks/Distribution Channel, with use and integration of various modalities.


The first step of the project will be in Colatina-ES, which has a slaughter capacity of 500 cattle/day. One of the advantages of this unit is the agility in export logistics, thanks to its location strategically close to the largest Brazilian ports. The products go out to consumers in the European Union, the Middle East, Africa and even the Far East.


With WMS technology, the company expects to continue to grow in sales and distribution to Brazil and around the world, maintaining its recognized quality standard. And that’s why Frisa chose Delage, due to its great know-how and the differentials offered by WMS Rx, which has the international certification of the renowned Frauhaufer Society and is in the Top 3 of the Best WMS in Brazil. After software implementation, the expectation is to achieve excellence in DC management, allowing increased productivity and gains for both customers and the company itself.


WMS-Delage® Rx unique features for this project include: inlet/outlet temperature control, inlet/outlet volume weighing, weight labeling, route separation with packing list, and all the tools that allow dynamic addressing, specific storage rules, reduction of DC movements, compliance with FIFO and FEFO parameters, higher inventory accuracy (with inventories for both routine quality inspections and monitoring of warehouse movements), and real time operation indicators control (Visual Management).


Delage thanks the company’s managers for their confidence in WMS Rx, and welcomes Frisa, which becomes another special customer and certainly another success story!