Emefarma increases its picking capacity by 40% with the WMS Delage® Rx integrated with automatic systems

Longtime partners, Delage and Emefarma, one of the biggest references in the wholesale pharmaceutical market, concluded yet another great project: deployment of a modern DC located in the Bayer condominium, in Belford Roxo. The distributor serves over 4 thousand customers, working with over 9,000 SKUs from suppliers such as EMS, Hypera, Medley, Neoquimica, Prati Donaduzzi, Sandoz, Eurofarma, Neo Química and Teuto. Deployment of the new warehouse (with more automation than the old one) aimed to further qualify Emefarma’s intralogistics processes, in order to attract new customers and partners.


With the WMS Delage® Rx integrated into the KNAPP® automation system (pick-to-light with smart stations and box recirculation), Emefarma’s logistics gained more productivity and today, works with the impressive number of 5.5 million units separated per month. It is worth mentioning that integrating Delage’s WMS with TOTVS®´s ERP Winthor is already being planned.


Check out the gains that have already been achieved:




Migrate all the inventory addresses from the old DC to the new warehouse, with systemic control in the WMS Delage® Rx solution, in order to maintain accuracy of the quantities and traceability of the positions/status of the SKUs. Integrate the WMS Delage® Rx with KNAPP®´s pick-to-light, providing an increased picking capacity for fractionated products, as well as increased productivity.


Project highlight

Integration of the WMS Delage® Rx with KNAPP®´s automatic system, which generated significant productivity gains in Emefarma´s new operation, highlighting the 40% increase in the order picking capacity.