99% is Dental Cremer´s new accuracy rate with WMS-Delage® Rx

The leader in the retail and distribution segment of dental products in Latin America is another successful case of WMS-Delage® Rx. With the mission of being a “One Stop Shop”, Dental Cremer, which is part of the largest dental distributor in the world (Henry Schein®), which today has a logistics operation of excellence, with a 99% inventory accuracy rate and 98% of orders shipped on the same day. The DC receives about 3 thousand orders daily, moving an average of 107 thousand units/day. The operation is complex, due to the more than 70 thousand SKUs, but with the support of the management system, Dental Cremer can handle it. See the main results achieved after the deployment of WMS-Delage® Rx:




To control an operation with more than 70 thousand SKUs, products with diverse profiles, always thinking of the best use of resources, mainly labor and area, as well as to deploy WMS-Delage® Rx with integration into the MGV® and ERP Infor® pick-to-light and sorter. And remember: no impact on the operation.


Project highlight

The project was a success. The biggest highlight was that results appeared in a short time, even in the face of the challenge of managing a wide variety of products, each with its own specific storage and handling needs. In addition to productivity gains, Dental Cremer achieved a 99% inventory accuracy rate, which was only possible thanks to the cyclical inventory modalities offered by WMS-Delage® Rx.