Delage and Drogaria Onofre: together in the most modern Fulfillment project in Latin America



One of the most audacious projects carried out by Delage was done in partnership with Drogaria Onofre, building the most modern Fulfillment Center in Latin America, located in the Mooca neighborhood in São Paulo -SP. With the WMS-Delage® Rx integrated with automatic systems of very high complexity, the network has become the largest reference in Brazil in express delivery for e-commerce and telemarketing, with minimum deadlines that can reach up to 90 minutes in the city of São Paulo and D+1 in the interior of the State.


And those were not the only results achieved. The gains came in several areas, such as:





To deploy WMS-Delage® Rx in Drogaria Onofre’s Fulfillment Center located in the Mooca neighborhood (São Paulo -SP) and fully automated. Software should integrate with all technologies implemented in operation: OSR® Shuttle (G2P) and pick-to-light from KNAPP®; Optimus® sorter; SAP® ERP; and VanRooy® e-commerce system.


Project highlight

The integration of the WMS-Delage® Rx with the automatic systems implemented was a great success, transforming Onofre’s enterprise at the most modern Fulfillment Center in Latin America, a reference to the extreme agility in order processing: only 10 minutes are spent between the customer using their credit card and the order starting at the separation line.