Picking: what is the ideal model for your operation?

Understand the importance of picking and the gains generated by choosing the modality that best meets the specifics of your warehouse   The separation or preparation of applications, known as picking, is conceived as one of the most important and costly processes within the warehouse. To get an idea of its significance, studies show that picking consumes around 60% […]

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How to make supply chains more resilient

World Economic Forum (WEF) report advocates visibility, digitization and secure data sharing to achieve resilience in critical periods   The coronavirus pandemic has generated impacts of various sizes on logistics. To ensure supplies to the population, most operations have not shut down their activities, however, they have been facing daily challenges in fulfilling their mission. […]

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Five priorities for retail logistics during the coronavirus pandemic and medium- and long-term actions

The Covid-19 pandemic is reconfiguring business. Several countries have already been in lockdown for almost a month and the most common scenes are empty streets and much of the trade and service providers are closed. But there’s a sector that’s been working a lot, maybe even more than before. This is the retail of essential […]

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Last mile strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic and other logistics disruptions

  In an article published on the Inbound Logistics Portal, Supply Chain specialist Deanna Kaufman draws attention to the resilience of logistics companies that continue to work hard so that the supplies are not lacking to the population. According to Kaufman, these companies and carriers have kept the global economy in business, however, in her […]

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Covid-19: Contingency Plan for Logistics

Check out the key points discussed by leaders of large companies during a live promoted by Ciclo Marketing     On March 25, Ciclo Marketing, a company specialized in holding events in Logistics and the Supply Chain, promoted an online conference that brought together important leaders to talk about Contingency Plans in Logistics Operations. Participants […]

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Gartner: how logistics companies can mitigate the impact of coronavirus

  Logistics warehouse managers should consider the well-being of their workforce, product availability, and cost implications for managing the impacts of the coronavirus. This is Gartner´s position; an international research organization specialized in technology. For the agency, these three areas are fundamental for initially managing crises in companies that deal with supply chain interruptions.   […]

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Covid-19: impacts on the intralogistics operation and strategies to protect your business

  We are living in a time of apprehension and insecurity. Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has already affected more than 150 countries and led to the deaths of more than 9,000 people (source: BBC), entrepreneurs are fearful about the impact on their businesses.   At this time, the main emphasis is and should […]

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Personnel Management: a key part in intralogistics management

Behind each logistics process, there are people responsible for the decisions and execution of tasks. Valuing them is the path to success.    In an interview with The Loadstar website, Radu Palamariu, Managing Director of Alcott Global, a Supply Chain recruitment company, delivered a strong phrase: “People make or break a business.” And he’s not […]

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What Order Fill Rate (OFR) is and why you should use it in your operation

Learn about the Order Fill Rate logistics indicator, understand its importance, and know how to calculate it and how to increase the percentage achieved     What results have you achieved in your business? Would you be able to point out the reasons that led to success, for example? If you do not know how […]

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Stockout: definitely eliminate issues generated by inventory shortages

  Stockout or lack of inventory occurs when, upon receiving an order for a particular product or raw material, your company does not have these items in stock in the quantities and conditions required. For this reason, purchases cannot be made. This incidence generates very negative repercussions, because not only is the sale lost, but the company’s […]

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